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Acing the First

Starting well at any sport is important. But how amazing to start a round of golf with a hole-in-one?

It doesn’t happen very often, partly because not that many golf courses start with a Par 3.

Also, we amateur golfers don’t often warm up or practice before a round as much as we should.

Sometimes we may even arrive on the first tee after a night out.

So, H1 Club member Colin Boon from St Clement Golf Course joins a select group of golfers.

His ace came on the 1st hole at St Clement Golf Club on September 9, 2018.

With a great deal of under-statement Colin described his round-starting ace.

He said: “It was a still morning so I took a seven iron out, teed up the ball, hit the ball, quite sweet took one bounce and into the hole.

“I couldn't quite see it go in but the hole as it was hidden a little behind the bunker, but the guys on the next tee did and started shouting”.

Colin’s ace qualified him for the H1 Club and joins around 18,000 others who have joined the club and claimed their free certificate or qualified for the gift of a stunning Hugo BOSS Watch.

If you have had a hole in one and not registered you can log in at and receive your free certificate.

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