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Hole in One

Ian Topp

  • 7th
  • East Brighton Golf Club
  • 7
  • 171y
  • 05/08/2018

I hit woods better than irons and so I chose my favourite wood, a ladies 11. It flew high and straight and my playing partner said "that is within 3 inches of the hole". I wasn't so sure, the pin was at the front of the green very close to the front right bunker and I wasn't sure that I had cleared the bunker. As we walked towards the green I couldn't see my ball and so assumed that it had found the bunker but it wasn't there. My other playing partner said "there is only one place it can be then". We walked to the hole and there it was! My first hole-in-one after playing for 23 years. It was difficult to take in and my brain was scrambled and it was difficult to concentrate for the rest of the round. It will be wonderful to receive a Boss watch to mark the occasion.

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Ian Topp