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Hole in One

Doug Mitchell

  • 2nd
  • Bowring Golf Club
  • 2
  • 143y
  • 07/07/2018

After a triple bogey on the first in the Bowring Annual Open - I hoped it was not going to be one of those days! The second hole is a par 3 - slightly uphill with a prize for nearest the pin. I took my trusty rescue club (6) which I find easier to hit than an iron. I made good contact and saw my ball heading straight at the pin. It hit the front of the green and my playing partners said that could be close. On getting to the green I could only see 1 ball at the back of the green but it belonged to another player who then checked the hole and said I think you have just recorded a hole in one. I thought he was pulling my leg but on reaching the hole I saw my ball at the bottom of the hole. I was speechless but very elated. My first ever ace after 30 years playing golf and a few months after reaching70 years of age. Fantastic feeling..

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Doug Mitchell