Hole In One

James Smart

- Killiow 9 139 yd 5th July 1953

Normally on this hole I would use a 7 iron but because the ground was so hard I took an 8 iron as I felt that even if I landed short of the green there was a good chance that it would bounce on. The green is located up a slope from the tee so you can't see the putting surface. My shot bounced just over the front rim of the green and I was happy that the ball was up there and would not have run through. Neither of my playing partners reached the green so I had to wait for them to take their second shots. Whilst waiting I'm thinking that I can't see my ball, I don't think it's run through maybe there is only one place it can be......... and it was! My playing partners were delighted and when I got to the next tee I phoned the clubhouse to line up the drinks for the rest of the field.