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Hole in One

Mike Hanlon

  • 4th
  • Clober Golf Club
  • 4
  • 209y
  • 01/07/2018

My son had a hole in one in the Tuesday Medal at the 4th. I walked onto the tee with my playing partner after telling him the story, took out a 4 iron and hit slightly right with a draw it kicked off the downslope and run up the green it was difficult to see if the Hall was in till the two guys playing at the 5th tee jumped out cheering. I’ve just started playing again this year, I had to give up the game 8 years ago because of heart failure, I received a Heart Transplant March 2017 and started playing again in March. I never thought I would play golf again never mind getting a hole in one !!

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Mike Hanlon