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Hole in One

James Caine

  • 14th
  • Crosland heath
  • 14
  • 108y
  • 07/07/2018

3 ball, with father and son, Richard&George all started well up to 7th hole, from 8 to 12 not one par between us, I made par at 13,hole 14 I took 52degree wedge and hit it at the flag, could not see bottom of flag but looked good, rich and george also hit good shots but either side of flag, got near green and could see only 2 balls, rich says your in the hole Jim, George says, can I look first, never played with anyone who had one, he only 13 and off 7 h/cap, ball in hole all cheer and handshakes, and we all qualified for Sundays round where I played well and shot 73 gross, 2 over, great weekend.

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James Caine