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Hole in One


  • 14th
  • padeswood and buckly golf club
  • 14
  • 127y
  • 07/07/2018

I've been playing golf for 28 years and was beginning to think I was never going to get a hole in one, it was a tough day even though the sun was shinning and there was a moderate breeze straight into... on this hole and the course playing hard if you missed the greens because we have had so much sun (shouldn't complain though) very dry browned off tight grass all around but the greens as usual in excellent condition at Padeswood & Buckley so the pressure was on to not miss the green, the thought was to keep it a little low into the wind as there is 100 yards of water to carry so cant afford to get the ball high into that wind! I thinned my shot trying too hard to keep it low... however it cleared the water by 5 yards as I looked away in embarrassment and picked up my T peg, my playing partners consoled me with the comments.. "its ok its made it onto the green.... actually its getting close... it could go in"... as I turned back to look they shouted its in!!!! as I saw the last roll of the ball as it dropped into the cup!!! Hi Fives and Whoops followed... there are no pictures on the card and a hole in one is a hole in one :) Of course there may be a variation to this story as time goes by... I may forget about the THINED part of it and replace it with something a little prettier sounding?

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