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Hole in One

Alan David Gray

  • 10th
  • Cowden
  • 10
  • 173y
  • 27/06/2018

Following a birdie 2 at the 9th hole I selected a 6 iron at the 10th based on a slightly following wind direction and the position of the pin which was right center of the green. When I hit the shot it was heading in a direct line for the pin and took it's first bounce just on the front edge then bounced once more before appearing to roll for an age then disappeared out of sight as it dropped into the cup in full view of my playing partners and a number of club members watching from the club house. A number of members came out of the club house to congratulate me and shake my hand which was a great feeling. I had just retired over a year ago and this was the first hole in one I have had in my 54 years of playing golf.

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Alan David Gray