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Hole in One

Joseph Mc Guckin

  • 12th
  • Workington
  • 12
  • 122y
  • 06/07/2018

I stood on the tee of the 12th hole at Workington golf course and noticed that the flag was a yellow flag which told me that the hole was at the center of the green,I selected a 9 iron and hit the ball ,the 12th hole is protected by a cross bunker at the front of the green my ball hit the top of the bunker and went forward my playing partners played their shots and we proceeded to walk up to the green,when we got there my ball was not in site I thought that it must have ran through the green and off the back ,one of my playing partners and I looked in the hole and it was there so hand shakes and congratulations where given so thats the story of my hole in one.

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Joseph Mc Guckin