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Hole in One

Craig Armstrong

  • 6th
  • Consett and District golf club
  • 6
  • 156y
  • 09/06/2018

i stood on the 6th tee 1 over par got the distance with my bushnell 156 yards and pulled my 8 iron out the bag its an elevated green i struck the shot perfectly straight at the flag and thought to myself thats a good shot shouldn't be to far away but there were to 3 other members playing the 4th hole and they saw my ball land on the green and checked up and just dropped into the hole so they were cheering then it sunk it that i had holed it was an amazing feeling knowing that i had joined the hole in hole club something i have been trying to do for years. i have had another holes in one but this is the first time in a qualifying competition

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Craig Armstrong