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Hole in One

Nigel O'Brien

  • 8th
  • Sheerness Golf Club
  • 8
  • 191y
  • 10/06/2018

As I stood on the tee looking down towards the green there was a light breeze into my face and coming slightly off the right. Several thoughts were going through my head because lately this hole has proven to be a bit of a nemesis with me pulling the majority of my tee shots short left into the rough or occasionally pushing them into the pond to the right of the green. My usual club selection for the hole is a 6 iron, however with the wind being a factor I decided to play a slightly choked down 22 degree rescue wood as this has been proving to be a reliably straight hitting club of late. The decision of club selection was also helped by the fact I had played the previous holes tee shot with the same club and it had gone straight down the middle of the fairway. As I tee'd up I tried to block out the thoughts of my previous shots on the 8th and took a steady swing. The ball took a perfect flight with a slight fade and all of us standing on the tee could see that it was going in the direction of the flag. The ball pitched about 20 yards short of the hole and took two bounces before it rolled off of the fringe and started to head towards the pin that was cut about 8 yards on. As it approached the hole I lost sight of it and my friends, Barry, Howard and Stuart started to cheer shouting it had gone in. Although I was hoping they were correct I was not certain as I have previously seen shots look like they went in but when you get closer the ball has been close with sights from a distance obscured by the pin. As Howard and I walked towards the green he was saying it's in, however I was convinced I could see a flash of white, about the size of half a ball, by the base of the pin. As I was trying to point this out to my friend the flag wobbled in the breeze and all of a sudden I could not see the white flash again. As we got closer to the green we could not see my ball anywhere, however it was not until we actually got to the hole and we could see my Callaway nestled down the hole that it actually sunk in that I had actually achieved a HOLE IN ONE!!

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Nigel O'Brien