Hole in One

Kieran McVeigh

  • 9th
  • stocks g
  • 9
  • 180y
  • 13/05/2018

Was playing absolutely appallingly through the first 8 holes and said to one of my playing partners how I felt it would be better to walk off the course after 9! I had played the 9th hole well the day before and came very very close to a hole in one on that day, so felt fairly comfortable. I pulled out my 23 degree hybrid and just hit the ball as smoothly as I could and it came straight out of the middle bounced once on the fringe of the green, then again, and then rolled into the hole. None of us could believe it, but what was nice and made it more special was I had been drawn to play that day with my stepdad as well, so he was there to witness it, so that will be something we talk about for many years to come!

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Kieran McVeigh