Hole in One

Simon John Hawkins

  • 8th
  • High Post Golf Club
  • 8
  • 138y
  • 06/09/2017

I was playing in the Scratch Open and reached the 8th tee which was my 15th hole, having started at the 12th. There was a strong wind against and I hit a hybrid 6 very nicely and on line. The pin was behind a bunker so we could only see the flag but one of my playing partners said 'wow that must be in the hole' I laughed and said 'I hope not that would be really expensive!'. When we arrived at the green there was no sign of my ball and Dennis one of my playing partners looked in the hole and said 'no it is not in there' and started to look for my ball over the green. Disappointed I followed although as I walked past the hole there was my ball sitting neatly at the bottom of the cup resting against the pin. I was so excited I topped my drive at the next hole ending with a double bogey and lost the Open by a shot. Wonderful day and experience especially considering in May 2012 I had a few weeks to live when they removed my duodenum, gall bladder, right kidney and half my pancreas! Sadly my club is not a member of howdidido so I don't get my free watch :-(

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Simon John Hawkins