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Hole in One

Billy Paulson

  • 13th
  • Walmer Golf Club
  • 13
  • 182y
  • 2018-04-07

Comments: The wind was pumping at 30 km per hour. It was a par three . All I knew was that I had to get it on the green, so I took a three wood. I hit it low with a slight fade. The ball went perfect to where I aimed it. The players in front of us were just off the green and while they were waiting to tee of on the next hole, which is close to the green, one of the players clapped and I thought the ball must be very close as it was not possible to see the ball on the green. One could only see the flag. When I got to the green and still did not see the ball I realize it was in the whole. This is unbelievable three hole in ones in the last 12 years.

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Billy Paulson