Hole In One

Sami Selhaoui

- Finchley Golf Course 15 118 yd 11th February 2018

I was fully concentrated, looking at the ball on the tee, with a perfect swing at the ball and a great follow through, the ball took off with a draw flying directly at the hole. One of my playing partner (Mundeep), shouted, when the ball was still in the air, "this is a hole in one". The green is elevated, so I could not see it going in. As we rushed to the green, we could see that one ball was missing. My partners got to the hole before me and they both souting "Hole in One" . I couldn't beleive it until I saw it in. Great moment and I immediatly thought about my kids and their reaction when they will see my name on the HIO board in the club house.