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Hole in One

Peter Hughes

  • 7th
  • West Middlesex
  • 7
  • 190y
  • 2018-01-20

Our 7th is into a long narrow green which is in a dip, meaning that the hole itself is not visible from the tee. Dull, wet morning requiring plenty of club to get back to the pin which was at the back of the 40yard long green. Quite unusually all 4 players hit the green with their tee shots and mine, probably looked the best of the bunch - little draw with a four wood and enough flight to get well up the green. When we walked up to the green there were 3 balls in a neat semi circle at about 10yds up the green. The missing ball, of course, was mine, 20yds further up and 'in the hole. Pity not to see the ball go in because the shot felt and looked good so, much satisfaction from that. It is my 4th ace, all at West Middlesex and on 4 different holes!

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Peter Hughes