Hole In One

Steve Gallagher

- Turton 10 195 yd 30th November -1

I shouldn't really have been on the golf course, suffering as I was with a chest infection and pains resulting from damage to my neck in a skiing accident - but why sit at home when you could be out in the very fresh Bolton air? Having scrambled a very poor 12 points on the front nine holes, I'd just announced that I could not see myself making it round the full eighteen holes. The par 3 10th is one of the trickiest holes on the course and another blob seemed inevitable. The infamous Turton wind was howling across the hole and with nothing to lose I pulled out my five wood, purchased for £5 from a long standing member. This had turned out to be over-priced - my average yardage with it had been about 30! I was playing last of our group of three, reflecting my performance so far and had just congratulated Brian on an excellent shot to within 10 feet of the pin. After a practice swing that felt remarkably good I aimed to the right and tried my best to swing nice and easy and to accelerate through the ball - and by a miracle of nature I did! "That could be very good.." said Frank as the ball flew off the club and headed towards the green with a satisfying draw. It landed on the front of the green on the right and continued towards the flag in the middle. "It's gone in!" shouts Brian. And he wasn't wrong....!