Hole In One

Mike Hennessy

- Castle Course, Lahinch Golf Club 10 164 yd 30th November -1

Par: 3 â?¦ Index: 13 / 11 White: 180yds Green: 159yds Red: 151yds Another excellent lengthy par 3! A long narrow green protected by a deep bunker often proves an elusive target. Par is always a good score . (from the Course description) Breeze was across and slightly in to me from the right and I hit a six iron (Titleist pro v1 ball). My partners and I thought the ball had come to a stop just short as there was a slight dip to the flag and as the format that day was vpar a birdie looked good. Halfway to the green I could n't see the ball and began to realise that the hole in one was a reality and much clapping and shouting followed. (briefly, I hasten to add as the Course was busy)