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Hole in One

Terence Price

  • 4th
  • Henlle Park G.C.
  • 4
  • 183y
  • 0000-00-00

Approaching this hole,which is the most difficult par 3 on course,we heard that another member in the competition had secured a hole in one ,some 4 games in front of us,at this hole.What a fantastic achievement we thought so I jokingly remarked "can,t let Barry out do us,so I,m going for it !" It was a blustery day so I really give it my all,not thinking that I would achieve anything.The hole is difficult in so much that any one with a handicap of 25 + receives 2 shots.You are lucky if your ball gets on the green and you see where it finishes.On this occasion,myself and one other playing partner landed on the green,but did not see the balls finish.When we reached the green,no balls could be seen on it.We thought the balls had run through the green ,down a bank which surrounds it. Further searching and my partner said he had found his on the down slope,but there where no other balls to be seen.I never thought of checking the hole,and when I did and saw my ball in the cup WOW !!!!!.could not believe it.My first hole in one.Yippee,even though it did cost a round of drinks for everyone ..

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Terence Price