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Hole in One

Marion Marshall

  • 7th
  • Mid-Kent
  • 7
  • 133y
  • 0000-00-00

I was playing in our ladies Flag foursomes. It was my turn to drive and my partner was halfway down the fairway in the trees watching. She saw my ball go into the cup. There were 44 ladies out that day and we were first out. The two matches on either side of our hole who were coming towards it on either side heard the shout and all came over to congratulate me. Later we had to let a game through as one of ours lost a ball but by the time we were in and enjoying a glass of wine outside, looking over the 18th green,(set up on the bar by me) all the other ladies coming in had heard about it and were calling out to me. All very exciting as it was also my birthday that week ! It cost me £50 that day but was well worth it !! I registered it with the LGU and am in their Hole in one Club.

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Marion Marshall